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the end of 2020 is near

We made it to the end (of 2020). There can’t be many people who are sad to see 2020 coming to a close. Even if we don’t get to say goodbye with a big party, it’s time to move on and hope for better times.

Maybe one day we’ll be able to smile about the catchphrases of the year. Our personal favourites: “You’re on mute”, “Can you hear me?” or “I’m turning the video off because I don’t have bandwidth”. It was the year we got to peek into our co-workers‘ houses. If we were really lucky we got to meet their cats.

In this spirit we wanted to slide into your inbox, even though we’re supposed to be relaxing by the fire, to say a final goodbye to 2020 and hurtle into the new year together. And who knows, at 23:59 if we all yell ‘Jumanji’ in unison, maybe we’ll get out of the game.